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Flat Roof Restoration

flat roof repair

Flat Roof Restoration

Your flat roof may suffer from leaks and damage due to flashing issues, seal problems, cracks in the sheathing, poor installation. Ponding and leaf debris are also common causes of flat roof problems. It's good practice to have your roof inspected on an annual basis at the very least. Its common knowledge in the roofing industry lack of proper maintenance is the cause of most roof problems. We offer a solution with our Annual Inspection program. Sign up is complimentary and the only cost is for repairs made.

A new roof can be a huge investment, Some businesses and companies might not have the extra funds to invest into a brand new roof right now. Which is why we help our customers invest in restored flat roof compared to replacing one. South City Roofing are suitable for commercial roofing, industrial roofing.

After you contact South City Roofing, our experts will come to your commercial or industrial property to examine your flat roof. We will thoroughly go over our findings with you and make recommendations as necessary. South City Roofing stands behind our work 100%.

flat roof repair

Our Flat Roof Restoration Process

Step 1: Your roof is cleaned using a power blower to properly adhere new roofing materials. All open cracks are located throughout the entire roof and corrected by using membrane patches, applying the roof mate coating system . The method is based upon the severity of the cracks and the current roofing material being utilized.

Step 2: We will use coats of the roof mate coating system on the entire roof. These roof coatings are used to fix leaks and extend the life of all types of flat roofs by preventing degradation by the sun (ultra- violet radiation). Once it is fully cured, you will have a seamless, watertight membrane protecting your roof.

Roof coating can reflect up to 90% of the heat given off by the sun. The reduction in roof surface temperature can translate into savings on air conditioning. Roofing systems that can deliver high solar reflective (which is the ability to reflect visible, infrared and ultraviolet wavelengths of the sun, reducing heat transfer to the building and high thermal emittance (which is the ability to release large percentages of absorbed or non-reflected solar energy) are called cool roofs.

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Interested in flat roof restoration for your flat roof? Contact us today for a free, no-obligation estimate and we will send our flat roof experts to help you choose the best product for your structure.

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