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Residential Flat Roof

At South City Roofing we provide the same level of customer service and attention to detail to our residential clients as we do our commercial clients. We are trained and experienced to seamlessly install your home's new roofing system and provide expert repairs when needed as well. Whether you are needing a brand new roof or need storm damage repairs, give us a call and we'll get to work for you!

In addition to our commercial flat roofing services, we also proudly service homeowners that have flat roof applications incorporated into their property. Whether the entire home or just an addition has a flat roof, we will provide you with the same customer service and professionalism that is afforded to our largest customers.

flat roof repair

Benefits Of Flat Roofing

When you come to South City Roofing for your roofing solutions we will be upfront with you about the best possible roofing solution for your home. We want you to have complete knowledge about the best roofing solution, so that you can make a good investment. To help you make your mind, we are going to provide you with the benefits of flat roofing solutions. So here are the benefits of flat roofs:


This one is an obvious benefit, because flat roofing solutions are guaranteed to withstand heavy force of harsh weather conditions.


Another great benefit of flat roof is that you get lots of space and room to store items on your roof. You can easily store an AC vent or other heavy equipment you don't need there. Plus, you also get the convenience of sitting back and relaxing on your roof.

If you're looking for flat roofing solutions or flat roof, get in touch with South City Roofing, by calling us at (314) 325-7777.


1-5 year warranty coverage. Repair all cracks and openings in roof.


3-10 year warranty coverage. Repair all cracks and openings in roof and apply a protective covering.


10-20 year warranty coverage. Apply new rolled roofing membrane over top of existing roof.


10-25 year warranty coverage. Remove existing flat roof and replace completely.

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